Shockoe’s Servings on State of the Plate Including Restaurant of the Year

Every year Style Weekly publishes the State of the Plate and then foodies break out the torches and pitchforks, run around for a bit crying injustice while other rush to defend various choices. Imagine “The Warriors” meets “Westside Story” with more than a dash of the fight scene from “Anchorman“. Shockoe picked up a few nods include the impressive Restaurant of the Year. I’ve listed them below with links to the appropriate story. If I missed one let me know.

2013 Restaurant of the Year: Aziza’s on Main

Favorite Plates

  • Lobster Roll – M Bistro
  • French Fries – On the Rox
  • Beef tongue tacos with shots of Espolón tequila – Tio Pablo
  • Sea dog, with seaweed salad and wasabi mayo – A2

The Eyes Eat First

  • Tio Pablo
  • Mentions to On the Rox, Casa Del Barco, and Boathouse



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