2113 loses Chef Hoskins

Photo courtesy of 2113 Facebook page

2113 has been a hard restaurant to pin down due to a changing menu. More changes are on the way as Chef Aaron Hoskins announced in a press release that he will no longer be a part of 2113. Read the full press release below.

Local chef Aaron Hoskins has announced this week his split from Richmond restaurant 2113 Bistro-Lounge due to creative differences and ownerships decision to embrace more casual fare. Located on Main Street and 21st Street in downtown Richmond, 2113 boasts a unique dining and nightclub experience. Hoskins has been the executive chef at 2113 since June 1st and has provided a fusion menu of affordable but modern American cuisine.

“My commitment has always been to the food and hospitality aspect of this industry. Initially my goal with 2113 was to provide a simple, yet elevated dining experience and I believe we met those goals,” says Hoskins. “As with any restaurant experience, things change and new goals arise. “I prefer to stay focused on the food, not on cultivating a nightclub or casual dining atmosphere. My vision for both the cuisine, the restaurant’s reputation, and overall experience were not cohesive with management’s plan.”

Hoskins has worked at Xtra’s Café, Comfort, assists Chef John Maher with spoon. and was head chef at The Empress. Although open under one year 2113, under the culinary vision of Hoskins (and former consulting chef John Maher), has received multiple positive culinary reviews from prominent local publications. “Luckily the food speaks for itself. Creative differences aside, my time at 2113 has provided me the opportunity to refine my personal style and grow as a cook.”

Hoskins, one of Richmond’s youngest executive chefs, has ambitious plans for the new year. In the meantime, Chef Hoskins plans to assist local chefs with new endeavors and continue perfecting his craft while planning for his next chapter with Richmond’s food scene. Hoskins will stay on temporarily to assist management with a transition to a more casual menu and will conclude his time at 2113 some time near the end of October.


  1. #1 • cheffy •

    This is the 2nd restaurant that Hoskins has walked away from inside a year, right? Dude’s gonna have to open his own place soon ’cause folks are gonna stop hiring his flaky ass.

  2. #2 • Martin Bartholmy •

    Don’t know whether it’s got anything to do with the chef or management … but I’ve been there a number of times and like the space quite a bit, yet the food, so far, has been rather flaky, ranging from pretty good to ridiculous – and changing in fairly unpredictable ways (not just regarding the quality but also the size of the servings).