Slip hotel could open in 2014

The building of a hotel right across Sine Pub has been discussed for a while now. Most recently the discussion was with CAR over a monument. Buy now according to Richmond it looks like things are moving forward again.

Richmond-based hotel owner Apple REIT plans to go before the city council by August to get certain provisions approved to build a 210-room hotel — called the First Freedom Center — on a parking lot on Cary Street, according to a person close to the deal who is not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.

Apple REIT intends to have the hotel open by early 2014.

According to a staff report from the Department of Planning and Development Review dated March 26, the final plans for the hotel were scheduled to be heard by the planning commission June 4. But the source said there had been a delay because of issues surrounding the closing and relocation of Virginia Street, which cuts the parcel in half.


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    I would love to see the proposed development materialize.