Mapping RVA through old photos

John Murden the Godfather of the local news site has started a new project. Inspired by Cameron Holmes’ mapping of historic photos of the streets of old Fulton, John has put together a page for mapping historic photos of Richmond as a whole. What he has now is a rough working draft but you an add some photos and of course give feedback.

I’ve added a few of the Shockoe area and plan to add a bunch more later today. Don’t be thrown by the word historic, we aren’t looking for great moments in history. If you have a picture of your parents in front of a Shockoe storefront or home in 1975 that is great, add it to the mix.

If you are stymied by the form for submitting the photos or don’t have a spot to put them send them to me and I’ll help you out. I also found this link to be helpful when figuring out the latitude and longitude. If you have two photos for the exact same spot like I do for Nick’s Grill make sure and use slightly different latitude and longitude. If you use the exact same it will simply overwrite.