Street Art damaged

Image Courtesy of RVA Street Art Festival Facebook

Well it didn’t take long for the idiots to come out and damage a great piece of street art. According to RVA Street Art Festival’s Facebook page the damage occurred last night. As you would expect the comments are rightfully ticked off.

I’m sorry to report that one of the cool, human darts was destroyed by one of the drunk, human dolts from a nearby club last weekend as seen here. “Dude, we’re sooooo cooooool”. Idiots.


  1. #1 • blackfinsucks •

    not surprising, black fin sucks

  2. #2 • Anonymous •

    Sad but not surprised. Disrespect for property sucks, it does not matter if it’s a blank wall or someone’s art.

  3. #3 • jj •

    too bad because that was the only piece of art that was worth a damn down there. The rest was pure garbage. I’m glad to see that someone finally removed the masturbating Bill Clinton figurine from one of the displays. Shameful that one of the “artists” thought it was ok to include that in their awful, crappy mural.