Parking honor box thief nabbed

From RPD Facebook;

Today’s Good News: While working at an off duty assignment this past weekend, First Precinct Lt. John Beazley received information from Officer Daniel Burgess that a man had been stealing money from the parking honor boxes. As Lt. Beazley prepared to go home for the night, he spotted the suspect near an honor box on Dock Street and began walking toward him. The man then rode away quickly on his bike, but Lt. Beazley followed and caught him at another honor box with his hand inside. As the man tried to flee, Lt. Beazley caught him, and with the assistance of Acting Lt. Victor Green, the suspect was arrested, found with chunks of currency and charged with larceny and possession of burglary tools. Good work!


  1. #1 • Alex •

    Good to hear they are solving the real crimes!!!

    Now that they have practiced arresting someone, maybe they can figure out what happened to the kid who was thrown in the canal last winter, catch the hit and run driver who killed someone in the slip or maybe even find the animals who beat down the guy walking along Cary a year or so back.

    In all seriousness, the prices these parking companies charge to park in glass filled lots seems like as much of a crime as what this guy did. Typical RPD…