Hurricane Camille (1969)

The photo above shows flood waters from Hurricane Camille at the 14th Street Bridge (aka Mayo Bridge). Below is a look down 14th Street, under the train trestle, to the flooded entrance to the bridge.

Hurricane Camille hit Virginia on August 19, 1969 as category five storm:

One of the worst natural disasters in Virginia’s history, the storm produced what meteorologists at the time guessed might be the most rainfall “theoretically possible.” As it swept through Virginia overnight, it seemed to catch authorities by surprise. Communication networks were not in place or were knocked out, leaving floods and landslides to trap residents as they slept. Hurricane Camille cost Virginia 113 lives lost and $116 million in damages. It also served as a lesson that inland flooding could be as great a danger as coastal flooding during a hurricane.

PHOTOS: [1] [2] [3].

The Valentine Richmond History Center has a large collection of Camille-related photos online as well.

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  1. #1 • John Murden •

    I remember that event very well. My office area was flooded out. The weather around the city was lovely; it was just a ton of water on the river and the river banks couldn’t hold it all. The river was trying to absorb parts of the city!