Goodbye meters, hello pay stations

From the official city blog. I look forward to what Richmonders will find to complain about on this particular change.

On Monday, April 23 motorists parking in the select areas of Richmond’s downtown Central Business District will no longer pay at individual parking meters. Instead they will be required to use pay stations, which will be located mid-block along certain streets. The parking meters currently in place will be removed.

The pay stations will accept credit cards, debit cards, cash and coins. The machines will dispense a receipt that must be placed in the windshield as verification that cars are parked legally.

Signs will be in place notifying drivers of the pay stations. In addition, parking enforcement officers will be available in the areas where the pay stations are located to assist those who need help or have questions.

The locations for the pay stations are:
800 block of East Marshall Street (south side)
400 block of North 9th Street (east side)
500 block of North 9th Street (west side)
1100 block of East Main Street (south side)
900 Block of West Broad Street (south side)
The pay stations are being provided by Standard Parking Corporation, which is the company contracted with the City to provide parking enforcement.


  1. #1 • Melissa •

    I welcome the full deployment of pay stations to replace parking meters. I park outside my company’s downtown office building twice a week for meetings, and about half the time I lose at least some of the coins I put in the meter. Either the meter is completely broken, or it registers the first coin correctly and then eats some of rest without adding the time. Other times I can tell by the display that the meter is broken so I don’t waste coins but do still have to move my car.

    On two occasions recently, I arrived with enough change but not much extra, and a meter ate enough coins that I had to go inside to the credit union to get a new roll of quarters and come back out to feed the meter before I could go to my meeting.

    I support charging for hourly parking, and I don’t complain about getting a ticket if my meeting runs over. But getting burned by broken meters on a regular basis is just low-fi. Bring on the pay stations, and put diagnostics on them so the parking officers can check each one they walk past and report to the city which ones are broken each day.

  2. #2 • Jeff E. •

    Ok I’ll start the complaints then… is the receipt system set up to generate extra revenue? You know… pay for two hours, leave after an hour and the next person to park has to pay again? Plus receipts get blown off, rained on, snowed on, stolen.. I love that you can pay by card but the receipt under the windshield system sounds weak.

  3. #3 • Kate •

    Jeff, you put the receipt inside the car on the dash. I agree that it’s a rip that if you pay for 2 hours and only use 1 hour, then the city gets paid twice. This will also prevent people from being good samaritans and putting another quarter in the meter to help a stranger avoid a ticket. But whatever. Street parking is still relatively cheap.

  4. #4 • Chris Hughes •

    When DC added these near my office, I spent the afternoon photoshopping a replica to ensure I had parking whenever I needed.

  5. #5 • Kate •

    That is an awesome idea!

  6. #6 • Jeff E. •

    Thanks Kate, that makes more sense. Reading comprehension wasn’t always my forte. :)