Suicide at Local McDonald’s

From RTD

The McDonald’s at East Broad at 18th streets in Richmond will be closed for an extended period this afternoon because of what police said was a shooting death that is being investigated as a suicide.

Police said they were called to the restaurant at 12:06 p.m. for a report of a shooting in one of the restrooms.

NBC12 Twitter is stating;

We’re being told that a person committed suicide in the McDonald’s at 18th and Broad streets in Shockoe Bottom


  1. #1 • Mick •

    Suicide is painless.

  2. #2 • Cadeho •

    :( I go there because the one on Mechanicsville is painfully slow… why did he have to make this stigmatized property?

  3. #3 • Pierce •

    I guess he had an unhappy meal?

  4. #4 • SEW •

    Cadeho, the folks at this one aren’t exactly speedy for heaven’s sake!

  5. #5 • Ree Ree •

    @pierce, why wud you joke about someone taking their own life, probably wouldn’t be as funny if it was your loved one………..i feel sorry for this individual’s family, this is so sad!

  6. #6 • Nick •

    This is a horrible and sad event. I pray that his family and the community will heal from this tragedy.

  7. #7 • beth •

    I feel sorry for the staff at McDonald’s! that guy, whatever his problems were, should have throught about leaving that mess for McDonald’s to deal with. HOW SELFISH.

  8. #8 • David •

    Loved the comment “I guess he had an unhappy meal?”.

  9. #9 • Davyne •

    It amazes me how some people take this ordeal lightly. @ Pierce and David, pure ignorane. Regardless of how selfcentered you are, keep it to yourself. A life was lost. Regardless of how a mother and father is now without a son. a brother and sister is without a sibling a child maybe fatherless a wife maybe spouse less so please be mindful of the families hearts and minds.

  10. #10 • Ms. B •

    @Pierce that was not funny what you said about the youngman as a friend of his you don’t know what he wasgoing through or what may have happen in his course of the day. We his friends and family are versy sadden by this @ReeRee thank you for your kind words toward the family and for any one else who have a stupid and no sympathy comment please keep it to yourself

  11. #11 • bill •

    Well said ms B. I knew him he was a good man.I was shocked when i heard it was him. R.I.P

  12. #12 • T.B. •

    That shit was funny tho. Give a nigga a break. Damn……a unhappy all damn day.