45-minute tape gets Moore 30 to 60 days

Club Velvet owner Samuel Moore was sentenced to 60 days for having sex with a minor and filming sex with an adult. He could be released in as soon as 30 days with time off for good behavior. [via]

“I deeply regret my lack of good judgment,” Moore said today before he was sentenced in Richmond Circuit Court. “I apologize to the commonwealth and the two young ladies involved. I hope in the future I’ll have the strength and wisdom to make proper changes in my life.”


  1. #1 • Ashley •

    Hang in there, Sam … keep your nose clean and come home soon!

  2. #2 • Steve •

    Please, the guy is a piece of crap. I know some girls that used to work at Velvet who could tell you some foul stories about this guy. Not to mention a female friend of mine that used to rent an apartment from him until he started to let himself in at night while she was there alone. Can’t believe he only got 60 days.